A state lawmaker with the National Regeneration Movement Party introduced a bill that, if enacted, would decriminalize abortion in Baja California.

The measure was introduced by Assemblywoman Liliana Michel Sánchez in order to modify the state’s constitution and other laws.

According to the legislator, the proposal seeks to comply with rulings made by the Mexican Supreme Court that has declared abortion penalization as a crime.

Sánchez said several hearings will take place in order to allow residents to comment about the matter. On Tuesday, two demonstrations took place in order to support and reject abortion.

The proposal would penalize abortion after the twelfth week of pregnancy. In that case, violators would be sentenced to up to six months in prison and 100 volunteer work days.

Also, the measure would mandate to provide help to women who got pregnant in sexual abuse.

The bill includes provisions that mandate public agencies must provide services, assistance and other services to pregnant women who desire to get an abortion. The state Department of Public Health would be in charge of all oversight and permits to provide abortions.

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