A pro-life activist called state authorities to hold a special election in order to let voters decide whether abortion is permitted in Baja California or not.

Marcela Vaquera, a spokeswoman with the Pro-Life Coalition of Mexicali, told La Voz newspaper that, accordingly with President Andres Manuel López Obrador, who has allowed citizens to speak on issues, the president’s party ruled state Assembly should call for a referendum.

“We are sure we will prevail,” the activist told the newspaper.

The coalition is in opposition to the recently introduced bill that would stop penalizing abortion before 12 weeks. The proposal also reduces penalization for abortion beyond that point.

Assemblywoman Michel Sánchez, a member of the president’s party, justified introducing the bill by saying it complies with Mexican Supreme Court rulings.

On Tuesday, groups of women marched to demand the legalization of abortion. Two days later pro-life groups took over the legislative premises. On Sunday, a national march against abortion has been called. Locally, the march will start in Vicente Guerrero Park and will end in the Civic Center.

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