After Governor Marina Avila enacted on Nov. 12 a bill that reduces penalties to those who get involved in abortions, including doctors and mothers, activists prepare to request a referendum.

La Voz newspaper said Pro Life groups expect to collect 14,000 signatures from registered voters in order to file for the request.

Activist Alberto Juárez told reporters the state’s Citizen Participation Law allows voters to request a vote.

However, the state’s Constitution does not admit the public’s vote for human rights — a tag provided to abortion.

Juárez recalled that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said that people decide on public issues.

“We agree on that point,” the activist said. “We must determine what happens in the state of Baja California.”

Juárez called Governor Avila and legislative leaders from not interfering before election officials against the referendum.

Former Governor Jaime Bonilla suggested weeks ago before leaving office to move forward with the referendum.

Juárez said Pro Life groups had requested meetings with Gov. Avila that had not been responded to.

The new law reduces penalties on abortions practiced before the 12 weeks of pregnancy while eliminating the 90-day restriction in case of abortion after sexual abuse.

At the same time, doctors and nurses working for public agencies will be forced to practice abortions.

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