A man who was sought for murder and arrested months ago south of the Civic Center was charged of shooting against law enforcement agents.

The state Attorney General’s office said Brayan Fernando, aka “Rodillas,” was charged for shooting three state police officers on July 14.

State police officers were notified about the whereabouts of the suspect, who was located in a residence located in Islas Bahamas Avenue in the Fraccionamiento Infonavit Cucapah area.

The suspect allegedly hid inside a Toyota vehicle and brandished two firearms.

The suspect presumably shot at the state agents.

According to the agency the suspect has been accused of shooting to death Victor Guillermo Trejo Aguirre, 38, on June 9 in a residence located in Numancia Street in Fraccionamiento Villas del Rey.

The victim in this case was shot several times in the chest and abdomen. Also, the authorities had accused Rodillas of vehicle theft and false imprisonment.

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