Four alleged members of a gang dedicated to the theft of catalytic converters and robberies were arrested Wednesday morning.

Mexicali Police said at 8 am a robbery was reported at a water plant located on Grecia Street and Naciones Unidas Avenue in Colonia Orizaba neighborhood.

A victim denounced that the suspects, who apparently are members of the Don Marcos Band, arrived at the scene and one of them, who was identified as César Alberto “N”, 35, aka “Gordo”, brandished a caliber .38 pistol stocked with three useful shots.

Another of the alleged perpetrators took the opportunity to cut the catalytic converter of a white Ford F-250 with an electric hacksaw.

Later, the suspects fled by Naciones Unidas Avenue.

The police was able to locate the Dodge Neon, white, model 2000, with California plates, in which the suspects fled by Eleventh Street and Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard.

The suspects found their intention to escape thwarted after having collided on Abraham González Avenue and Parral Street in Colonia División del Norte neighborhood.

In addition to the individual who was carrying the firearm, three other suspects were arrested. The suspects were identified by the authorities as Luis Iván, 38, aka “Güero,” originally from Sinaloa, as well as Héctor Manuel, 24, also aka “Güero” and José Idahid, 37, aka “Verruga.”

The suspects also carried the catalytic converter and the hacksaw, authorities said.

According to the police, the detainees are apparently part of the “Don Marcos” criminal gang, named after the person who supplies weapons and vehicles to carry out the robberies. Don Marcos presumably also buys the converters at an address located in the Virreyes neighborhood.

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