Baja California Assembly Speaker Juan Manuel Molina, of the National Regeneration Movement Party, demanded state officials to investigate the murders of a couple Tijuana journalists in the last week in order to stop the cases from remaining unpunished.

After lamenting the weekend’s assassination of Lourdes Maldonado, the speaker asked the state to evaluate and update the protocols to protect journalists in Baja California.

Also, the Speaker asked state and Mexican authorities to address the possibility of launching a System to Protect Journalists in the State.

Molina said lawmakers will keep an eye to the investigations held by the Attorney General’s office in both Maldonado and photographer Margarito Martínez cases.

Governor Marina Avila announced the creation of a new prosecuting office to investigate the cases. In the meantime, the Committee to Protect Journalists called state authorities to launch a thorough investigation to bring justice in both homicides.

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