Former writer, public official Angel Norzagaray has died of a brain tumor he was recovering from. He was 60.

The author and college professor was born in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico, but eventually moved to Mexicali.

Norzagaray had an Acting Degree from the Veracruzana University and was Doctor in Spanish Letters from the Valladolid University.

He was a former professor with the School of Arts of the Autonomous University of Baja California, where he became an Assistant Dean and spokesperson.

Decades ago Norzagaray founded the theatrical group Mexicali a Secas and became director of the Institute of Culture of Baja California.

The author received awards in Journalism and Literature in Baja California, as well as from the Mexican Association of Theater Critics, the Xavier Villaurrutia medal from the National Institute of Fine Arts.

His works, including poems, essays and drama, were presented in festivals worldwide — Paris, Texas, Washington, Los Angeles, Cadiz, Colombia, Nicaragua and Miami.

The most notable of his novels were El Alamo Santo, Elegías Mexicalenses, La Balada de Miguel Chivo, El Velorio de los Mangos and Cartas al Pie de un Árbol. He was also a columnist for several media outlets.

His life was not free of controversy. Years ago Mexicali theater director Manuel Rojas, along with other local artists, wrote a letter to the Mexican government to report that Norzagaray has supported friends and his own theater group with funds.

Norzagaray managed the Mexican Institute of Social Security Theater under a special lease agreement.

He was warned and forbidden from holding public office for three months after an audit found illegal salary increases for dozens of staff members with the Institute of culture.

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