After the Mexican government modified the decree to register illegally imported vehicles, owners will be allowed to skip taking their cars to customs agencies.

The modification was publicized in Mexico’s Federal Register Sunday.

Baja California Secretary of the Treasury Marco Antonio Moreno said customs agencies’ cost was also cut so owners can register their vehicles by themselves.

Also, the decree now includes the states of Sinaloa and Zacatecas.

The Mexican government will provide a subsidy to reduce registration costs.

Authorities estimate that hundreds of thousands of illegal vehicles circulate in Baja California.

With the modification owners now must only file a good faith importation report and pay fees to the Mexican IRS.

Once those steps are completed vehicle owners will be registered. Owners will receive a sticker available at yet to be announced sites.

The decree extends the registration deadline until Sept. 20.

The $125 fees paid to the state will stay in Baja California coffers.

Mexicali Chamber of Commerce President Lidia Granados told La Crónica newspaper that although the organization considers the modification as positive customs agencies will be affected for losing potential business.

The legalization decree includes those vehicles that entered the country before October.

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