A state official said besides seeking to cancel a contract for a solar plant project the authorities are also looking forward to filing charges against former officials.

Secretary of the Treasury Marco Moreno said several anomalies were found in the contract between the past administration and Next Energy.

According to the Secretary the 30-year contract would have caused a severe impact to the already damaged finances.

The administration estimates the cost of the project would have reached 12 billion pesos or about $600 million — compromising about a quarter of the yearly federal funds to the state.

Last month, the company seized 123 million pesos or about $6 million in federal funds disbursed to the state due to the contract cancellation. Those funds were originally set for healthcare and public safety.

The state filed a complaint that was temporarily granted by a court.

The state official explained that the authorities had already created a legal team to address the issue.

Now former Governor Jaime Bonilla announced the construction of a solar plant that would have provided low cost energy to the Tijuana aqueduct.

The plant was considered as the largest in Latin America.

However, Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission denied the permits.

On Friday, Sec. Moreno announced the filing of a complaint against seven former state officials for coalition of civil servants, making false statements, misuse of attributions, abuse of authority and peculation. According to the state official, although the company demands a $6 million payment due to investment costs, the property where the plant was expected to be built is undeveloped.

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