A state official said the bank that took over $6 million from the state of Baja California after the cancellation of a solar plant lost the cases filed in Mexican court.

Baja California counsel Juan José Pons said Next Energy lost the cases after the judges of the Fifth District Court and the Fourth Circuit Court ruled in favor of the state.

Originally, the company filed the cases in Monterrey and Mexico City courts, but judges decided to turn the cases back to a Mexicali federal court.

The bank seized 123 million pesos in federal funds transferred to the state of Baja California after the state administration cancelled Next Energy’s solar plant.

The plant, announced during the administration of Governor Jaime Bonilla, was thought to be Latin America’s largest one.

Energy produced by the plant was planned to serve the Tijuana aqueduct. However, plant developers were unable to obtain federal and local permits that led to contract cancellation.

The contract included provisions that give the company funds for the solar plant although no construction is made. The state plans to also cancel Banca Afirme’s tax and fee collection contract with the state.

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