A security guard of a downtown bar was arrested early Sunday after allegedly causing the death of a customer.

News outlets reported that Guillermo Doe, 27, was arrested for the homicide in fighting of a 53-year-old man.

The incident took place at Las Micheladas del Centro bar, located by Lerdo Avenue.

At 3:24 a.m., the police received a report about a dead man in the bar.

Red Cross paramedics declared the man dead.

The victim was identified as Manuel Blanco Hernández, La Crónica newspaper said.

The victim’s wife told the police the suspect and two other security guards presumably pushed the 53-year-old.

The victim was allegedly assaulted and pushed by security guards.

According to the news, the security guards tried to control the victim who was allegedly trying to enter the bar. It is unclear if the victim was attempting to enter by force.

The body was found by the authorities just outside the bar’s entrance.

Two of the guards involved in the incident fled the scene.

In a prepared statement, the company said it is not aware of a business worker who took part in the incident.

“The fight and the deadly assault were done by someone from outside Las Micheladas Zona Centro,” the company said in the statement.

Social media users criticized the company for attempting to step aside the issue.

The company said it is collaborating with law enforcement and the investigation.

“Our philosophy as a company is to bring healthy entertainment and take care of people who are in our facilities,” the company said. “Our company will keep providing evidence and the authority will provide the official statement of facts.”

City officials shut down bar

City officials shut down Sunday a bar where a customer died after being pushed by a security guard over the weekend.

The city’s Department of Government temporarily suspended Las Chabelas del Centro, and the business was fined 150,000 pesos or about $7,500.

City Secretary of Government Daniel Valenzuela said the bar was closed Sunday at noon.

Valenzuela said the bar did not comply with basic safety measures and was opening after its authorized schedule.

According to the city official the authorities plan to keep working in order to have safe venues.

A 53-year-old man died early Sunday after being pushed and allegedly assaulted by security guards for undisclosed reasons. The police arrested one of the suspects involved in the matter.

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