The Soles de Mexicali basketball team will return to the state capital after a brief stay in Tijuana to finish the postseason of the National Professional Basketball League.

In a press release, the club announced that it will play again in the State Auditorium in order to seek the fifth championship within the league.

The Mexicali quintet is about to face the Astros de Jalisco in the West Zone final.

The third game of the final series will be held on November 10 starting at 7:45 pm in Mexicali.

“Thanks to the intervention of our Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila, the municipal president Norma Bustamante and the director of the Sports Institute Lourdes Cáñez, we have been able to make our return,” Soles President Carlos Cota Arce said.

The club’s president thanked the Zonkeys club in Tijuana, where the team played the regular season and the first postseason round.

“It has been difficult months for playing far from where we belong, but the day has arrived,” coach Iván Deniz said. “Now we will focus on the first two games in Guadalajara.” The West Zone final series will begin in the capital of Jalisco on Saturday and the second duel will take place the next day.

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