About three dozen Downtown Port of Entry border merchants have been registered with the City of Mexicali as authorities plan to relocate them.

City Secretary of Government Daniel Valenzuela told La Crónica newspaper the authorities have held meetings with street merchants in order to seek the proper relocation site.

The local authorities expect to affect merchants the least, the city official said.

Relocation plans were announced right after a driver killed a man by the Pueblo Nuevo gate of the port of entry.

Also, the authorities have registered incidents with merchants.

Mayor Norma Bustamante said no merchant has been relocated so far.

City seeks to first register all merchants and then move forward with the plans.

Sec. Valenzuela said all relocated merchants will not be allowed to return to the border area.

The city official added that the area is under jurisdiction of the National Guard. Mayor Bustamante said the city and the federal government must work in order to control the area.

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