The Employer Confederation of Mexicali called state and city officials to shield the capital city of Baja California that has reportedly seen an increase of crime.

La Crónica newspaper reported that so far this year the upwards criminal trend has been due to the poor results of the authorities that have been unable to contain violence.

Confederation Chairman Octavio Sandoval underlined that while the perception of insecurity is also increasing, criminal bands have posted banners against the governor and the Attorney General.

“The perception of insecurity is living in fear and living in uncertainty,” Sandoval told the newspaper. “No one deserves that as a society.”

The confederation’s president called state authorities to issue a comprehensive plan against crime that does not depend on the Mexican government while implementing justice in favor of victims, not criminals. “We need to change the perspective to protect direct and indirect victims. I mean the family, instead of criminals,” Sandoval continued. “This will stop people from demonstrating in order to force a suspect to be indicted.”

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