The Chairman of a business organization said City Comptroller Héctor Ceseña sent him a message asking to stop his criticism.

Octavio Sandoval, President of the Entrepreneurial Confederation of Mexicali said the message was sent through another business leader.

Sandoval said the threat does not intimidate him.

The message was presumably sent after Sandoval has requested city officials to return funds for consultants and other expenditures disbursed to city council members, including the Comptroller.

Recently, media outlets had reported that council members increased their expenditures for consultants and providing cash and free items to the needy. The controversial expenditure goes against an austerity agreement signed in 2019.

Sandoval said a message full of profanity is not appropriate for a city official.

City council members prepare a proposal to respond to the Confederation’s president.

Comptroller Ceseña sent a prepared statement to reporters that asked Mexicali residents to avoid being misinformed or paying attention to “provocations with political motivations.”

The city official also asked people of Baja California to conduct themselves with respect and a language that promotes peace and unity.

Ceseña emphasized in his message that the country, the state and the city need messages of peace that coincide with the wellbeing of everyone. In the last paragraph, the comptroller expressed his commitment to work with civic and business groups, especially chambers that represent the interests of all economic sectors of the city, given “it is perfectly clear that leadership is fundamental to the development of Baja California’s capital city.”

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