A Business leader said about three of every four illegal vehicles will be able to get registered according to the requirements set by the Mexican government to legalize those automobiles.

Employer Confederation President Octavio Sandoval said the registration has excluded recent model vehicles and those considered luxury vehicles, equivalent to a quarter of total vehicles expected to get registered.

Sandoval explained that vehicles made in the US or Canada will be considered for registration.

Mexico has also excluded sports vehicles and those made in Asia.

Sandoval expects authorities now move to seize illegal vehicles circulating in the state.

Operations by illegal vehicle registration organizations have been allowed by the authorities, he said, “for corruption.”

Although the Mexican government plans to charge about 2,500 pesos or $125 for every registered vehicle, Sandoval expects the cost would more than double including taxes and other fees. Mexico’s Secretary of Public Safety Rosa Icela Rodrigo said she expects about half a million vehicles registered in Baja California.

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