Mexicali businessmen expressed their concerns with the new Constitutional bill to reform Mexico’s energy system that would stop foreign investment, while impacting competitiveness and the environment.

National Industrial Chamber of Mexicali President Alberto Sánchez said the proposal would force Mexicans to purchase dirt, expensive energy from the Federal Electricity Commission.

Also, the business leader said Mexican clients would pay higher energy fees.

The measure includes provisions to cancel all permits previously authorized to private companies that had invested billions of dollars in Mexico, Sánchez said.

The industrial leader emphasized that the bill would disappear Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission and the National Hydrocarbons Commission. The agencies’ tasks would be returned to the Department of Energy.

Sánchez said Mexico would be seen as a country that does not respect treaties and internacional agreements like the new United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement.

According to Sánchez, the proposal would also stop the usage of clean energy by eliminating the Clean Energy Certificates — permits issued by the Mexican government to big consumers that don’t use clean energy.

The proposal includes provisions that get the Federal Electricity Commission back to an energy monopoly that produces polluting energy based in carbon and oil. Sánchez called congressmen and senators of Baja California to vote against the bill.

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