A Business organization demanded a cap on property tax given the claims of high raises.

Entrepreneurship Confederation President Octavio Sandoval said tax raises should be gradual and reasonable for both businesses and residents.

For this year’s budget the Mayor’s office made a presentation to business organizations in order to provide details on how funds were planned to be spent.

However, Sandoval expressed his concerns to city officials about property assessment and tax increase.

The Confederation President said a cap to the tax increase is needed to avoid impacting people.

The City expects to collect half of property tax collection as many residents miss paying taxes. Besides economic penalties property owners face no other issues if tax is unpaid.

Sandoval said tax increases, which in some cases have climbed up to 20 percent, should not be above the 7 percent inflation rate. In some cases tax has increased 100 percent.

After four years the City has updated property assessment that has led to the tax increase.

Sandoval criticized the fact that City council members seek to increase their expenditures with the funds collected.

Mayor Norma Bustamante has denied such a proposal. The Mayor also said the city has seen an increase in the number of property owners who pay their taxes so far this year.

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