The state Department of Education decided to reinstall a teacher who was absolved for sexual abuse of three students.

The decision was made according to a warning issued by the State Commission of Human Rights.

In 2016, three rural Mexicali students testified against the suspect, who was in prison for three years. However, a judge ruled the suspect was not guilty and released from custody.

The teacher was promoted to principal, La Crónica newspaper reported.

Last week the Human Rights Commission released another warning that unveils inconsistencies in the case.

Although the authorities proved the victims had injuries caused by sexual abuse, as well as psychological damage, justice has not been served and such damage has not been repaired.

Acting Secretary of Public Education Gerardo Solis told the newspaper the school principal has been dismissed.

The state official said the agency will comply with the commission’s warning.

“He is under investigation,” Sec. Solis said regarding the principal’s case. “It is very lamentable.”

The official said the agency plans to approach the victims in order to repair damages and provide a public apology.

Assemblywoman Alejandrina Corral, of the National Action Party, introduced a resolution that calls Secretary Solis, as well as Attorney General Guillermo Ruiz and Judiciary Council President Alejandro Isaac Fragoso to comply with the commission’s warning.

Besides the Mexicali Valley school case, the warning includes the case of 18 students of Tecate.

The warning calls the Judiciary Council President to investigate judges in the cases that had been unpunished.

The warning reveals serious allegations of failure to provide justice to victims and protect minors from abuse while under supervision of state officials. The resolution was approved by the Assembly.

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