A state lawmaker proposed the City of Mexicali naming a local street for Mexican American farm worker leader Cesar Chavez.

Assemblyman Manuel Guerrero, of the National Regeneration Movement Party, called the Mexicali City Council naming a street for the human rights advocate.

The proposal was voted unanimously by the Assembly.

Guerrero, who also leads the Public Employee Union, highlighted Chavez, who in 1962 founded the United Farm Workers, defense of Mexican workers in southwestern US from racism.

Chavez also demanded healthcare services, better salaries, housing, and schools, as well as stopping farming companies from using dangerous pesticides.

Eventually, Chavez led a worldwide boycott against grape producers in California that forced companies to provide labor contracts to over 50,000 workers.

Guerrero recalled that President Joe Biden has in the oval office a bust of the farm worker leader. The lawmaker requested that a solemn act unique binational recognition is made to honor Cesar Chavez “whose fight became an international example against oppression, injustice, inequality and discrimination benefiting both countries.”

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