A man who was recently arrested during a shooting with the military at a rural Mexicali ranch could be soon charged for homicide, injuries and disappearance of people.

La Voz newspaper reported that Alfredo Doe, 30, aka Wisho Garibay, was arrested Dec. 31 at a ranch located in Ejido Chiapas 3 rural town.

The suspect and two members of the military got injured during the shooting and were transported to Mexicali General Hospital.

Alfredo was injured in the abdomen, a hand and a leg.

The Department of National Defense found at the scene a Ford F-150 where the authorities located firearms.

Six other individuals were also arrested after the shooting.

The suspect was allegedly involved in an Ejido Chiapas 1 incident reported on Feb. 23.

A man was shot to death, a woman got injured and three individuals were kidnapped during the incident.

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