City officials and representatives of the State and Municipal Public Employee Union signed Monday a labor agreement that gives workers a 6 percent salary raise.

Union Secretary General Manuel Guerrero wrote on Facebook the 6 percent increase also applies for benefits and food vouchers.

The agreement was signed by Guerrero and Mayor Norma Bustamante, along with other union representatives and city officials.

“With this achievement we assure tranquility of Union members and their families,” Guerrero, also a lawmaker, wrote in social media. “Besides, this is a start to negotiate labor agreements with other agencies.”

Also on Facebook Mayor Bustamante said the agreement includes an improvement to working schedules for employees.

No details were provided by either party about the cost for the city.

Nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders had criticized the high cost of payroll for the City of Mexicali — an issue that leaves few funds for services and infrastructure. On Monday, Mayor Bustamante signed an agreement with the new City of San Felipe to pay for police salaries for the next six months.

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