A city official said the authorities expect the rehabilitation of two old downtown movie theaters by year’s end.

Downtown Trust Coordinator Fernando Félix told La Voz newspaper investors had shown interest in the rehabilitation of the Padilla and Lux movie theaters.

“We are the most interested in the reactivation of those spots,” Félix told the newspaper.

Investors plan to open stores and rent office space in those theaters to include touristic and cultural arts businesses.

Félix said a new soda shop is expected to open by mid-September while a dairy company plans a new ice cream shop by Reforma Avenue.

The rehabilitation is expected to attract visitors to the area.

The old Curto movie theater was recently rehabilitated and has attracted hundreds of young adults since its opening. The site is owned by state Secretary of the Treasury Marco Moreno.

Days ago Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante said city officials plan to launch a brand new tourist bus route solely for the downtown area.

The mayor met Downtown City Delegate Rubén Hernández to discuss the project.

Funds for the route will come out of the Downtown Trust — a city independent agency that receives public funds and has been under scrutiny due to its controversial management that includes the Chinese Food Museum. Félix said buses will look like train cars.

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