A state lawmaker introduced a bill that, if enacted, would include a City Manager in all seven Baja California municipalities.

Assemblyman Román Cota introduced the proposal to reform the Law of Municipal Regime of Baja California in order to “contribute to city autonomy.”

The lawmaker said city managers have the expertise and knowledge to make municipalities more efficient.

At the same time, a city manager can optimize public services and provide an improved follow-up and management of agencies.

The legislator recalled that in 2009 a United Nations program called public entities to divide technical issues from political ones in order to improve government performance.

Over two decades ago, the City of Tijuana had its first ever City Manager. A second official was appointed in 2008, but the office eventually disappeared under other mayors.

The lawmaker considered that a city manager would also lead to the reduction of public expenditure and program efficiency.

“The Municipal President (legal term for mayors in Mexico) remains as a political leader, public policy promoter, community spokesperson, communication facilitator among department heads, leads governmental relationships and works as an advocate of residents and as a managerial supervisor”, Cota said. According to the legislator, city managers comply with council policy by providing thorough and objective reports, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, assessment of results, seeking of better alternatives and considering short-term and long-term consequences.

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