After three security guards allegedly killed a customer a couple weeks ago a city official proposed to create a security guard registration.

City clerk Daniel Valenzuela the registration seeks to have more control of those working in such activity.

The state has had for years a security guard registration that includes companies providing services.

Valenzuela said the proposal would move forward along with the Alcohol Advisory Board.

“We are working with bar owners in order to have this registration that I think will be good for Mexicali,” the city clerk told La Voz newspaper.

According to the city official the registration seeks to avoid incidents like the one occurred a couple weeks ago in Las Micheladas bar.

Valenzuela added that the bar had insufficient security guards to control both inside the site and at the entrance.

The City has held enforcement operations to verify bar compliance.

Valenzuela said his agency fined the bar with the equivalent of $7,500 in Mexican currency for operating off its schedule.

A state judge indicted the security guard allegedly involved in the July 24 case, the state Attorney General’s office recently said.

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