After a shooting occurred over the weekend in a city venue local authorities had discussed the possibility of reviewing all aspects of future events, including concerts.

Mexicali Fair Manager Omar Landa said new contracts will include provisions to allow city officials to inspect artists, guests and security staff to prevent the introduction of firearms.

La Crónica newspaper reported that since the day after the shooting occurred in the Fair’s Palenque venue city officials had met with stakeholders to stop firearms from getting into the site.

A shooting was reported early Sunday after a security guard brandished and shot a firearm against a Grupo Codiciado band singer.

The city did not report any injuries nor any arrests. Attendants started to flee right after the first shot was heard.

Landa said the agency will rent the site to event promoters who will report about the new regulations to artists, who will be inspected before entering the venue, as well as their staff.

The manager said no contracts with past regulations are outstanding.

Days ago, Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante said the city was working in order to prevent shootings from occurring inside city public event facilities.

The mayor declined to prevent some music gender artists from holding concerts due to potential human right violations. However, the mayor said as a citizen she supports banning some drug, crime-leaning acts from holding concerts.

According to the mayor, any disciplinary actions taken against the band or anyone involved in the shooting depends on the state Attorney General’s office.

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