The Coalition for Social Participation in Education of Baja California (or Copase in Spanish), spoke out against the proposal of the Department of Public Education to change school grades and replace them with six “school phases” of learning.

These new phases would be grouped into four fields of knowledge from initial education to secondary education, according to the coalition.

“This project lacks further evidence and raises serious doubts about its operation and viability because it is not explained how it will be implemented in the more than 232,000 schools throughout the country and 3,000 in Baja California, since the project lacks programs for its implementation by teachers, coordinators and authorities,” the coalition said.

The Coalition said in a prepared statement it was unaware of the conditions for organizing the spaces with the proposed changes, such as the number of teachers needed, supplies, infrastructure, the extension of the school day, teacher education and training programs, and an evaluation system that strengthens the school academic community.

“For now, and with the few elements presented, COPASE believes that the 2022 Curriculum Framework and Study Plan proposed by the Department of Public Education (SEP) do not impact the level of student learning and, consequently, it is an unfeasible and superficial effort,” the coalition said. “COPASE reaffirms its commitment to continue collaborating with the state government and social actors to promote a real, structural and effective reform in education in Baja California.”

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