Autonomous University of Baja anthem writer Alicia Montañez spoke about the proposal to change the college system’s motto.

Montañez wrote a letter published on Facebook about Dean Octavio Valdez proposal to remove men from the college motto and insert being instead.

The author said men are defined by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language as a rational being regardless of their gender.

Montañez added that being refers to all life essences.

The change will lead to confusion and ambiguity, the author said.

The modification also leads to breaking the college system’s traditional anthem, the author wrote.

According to Montañez, the University is mostly composed of women, especially professors and students.

The author questioned the need to use gender neutral inclusive language that has been imported from Anglo Saxon countries.

The proposal to change the university’s motto was considered Tuesday by the college council.

The same day Dean Octavio Valdez announced the proposal assemblyman Juan Manuel Molina introduced a bill that would mandate the college to assign women in top jobs.

Most of the major positions and committees of the University are held by men.

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