A petition was introduced in the Change.org platform to call Autonomous University of Baja California authorities to repeal the decision to change the motto.

During the week the University Council approved a proposal introduced by Dean Octavio Valdez that modified the motto from “For the full realization of men” to “For the full realization of the being.”

Petitioner Juan Eduardo Peralta wrote that the motto has been a tradition for many generations.

Many college community members, mostly women, spoke in favor of the modification, while others, especially alumni, opposed the proposal.

Petitioner Peralta said the motto’s change has divided the community.

The motto was originally written by then student Miguel Gárate in 1964 after a contest. This time the new motto was proposed by the dean’s office and overwhelmingly approved by the council.

“We feel excluded from a significant decision in something we consider ours,” Peralta wrote in the platform. “This petition represents all those who stand against modifying the University anthem”.

As of Saturday the petition has collected over 15,000 signatures.

The college has not addressed an issue raised by Assemblyman Juan Manuel Molina regarding a reform proposal to grant gender equality within the college system to appoint women to top jobs. Most of the University’s top offices are occupied by men — including the college court that addresses cases of sexual harassment.

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