The state Human Rights Commission has called lawmakers to approve a bill that allows women to get an abortion by week 12 of pregnancy.

Ombudsman Miguel Mora said in a prepared statement that the Constitution and other international standards protect women’s health and their decision about their body and children.

Also, Mora said Mexican Supreme Court Justices ruled that unborn children are not persons, which turns laws that criminalize women who get an abortion as illegal.

Separately, two different hearings held by conservative lawmakers took place in the state Assembly in order to address the right to life.

National Action Party legislators held one of the events Tuesday, when participants considered the Mexican Supreme Court ignored in its recent ruling arguments given to stop the decriminalization of abortion.

Attorney Diana Gamboa said the Mexican Constitution and other internacional agreements recognize the right of those who had not been born.

The lawyer said local legislatures are independent that cannot be forced by the Supreme Court to legislate.

Doctor Rocío Hernández considered that since its inception embryos are considered a live being and different from his mother.

On Wednesday, Solidarity Encounter Party Assemblyman Miguel Peña held another right of life event.

The lawmaker said his party is in favor of women, but more in favor of life as set by the state’s constitution that protects life from its conception.

Peña said decisions must be made based in objective, true information, as well as in reasoned opinions.

Modern science has shown that humans who had not been born are persons.

According to the lawmaker, in Mexico 107 individuals had been imprisoned for holding abortions, of which only six are women.

“We must not opt for a policy that promotes the right to death,” Peña said. “If we want to promote right of women let’s promote programs and public policy that strengthen families.”

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