Even though Baja California has seen a significant increase in job creation companies have find it hard to fill vacancies.

La Voz newspaper recently reported that private companies have detected scarcity of manpower for their operations.

Employer Confederation of Mexicali President Octavio Sandoval said the issue has been caused by the post pandemic economic reactivation.

At the same time, the city has also seen the aging of people, which makes it more difficult to find employees.

Sandoval told the newspaper employees average age in Baja California has almost reached 40 years.

Also, employees are defining working conditions, including schedules, while preferring remote jobs.

A study released back in May showed Mexicali companies need around 22,000 workers to fill vacancies, the Confederation said.

Sandoval estimates that figure has grown in last months. Some companies have stopped expansion plans due to lack of manpower, Sandoval said.

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