Three members of the Mexicali City Council had filed a complaint against now former Mayor Guadalupe Mora for illegal use of funds.

The complaint was filed by Council members Cristina Mares, Ronaldo Diaz Lerma and Alejandro Jose Pijol.

According to the complaint the mayor was accused of using funds to construct and unveil a plaque a week ago to remember the so-called Black Monday.

The plaque commemorates the day the administration of Mayor Gustavo Sanchez removed dozens of protesters who demanded the cancelation of permits to the New York based Constellation Brands brewery.

Also, the former council members accused Mayor Mora for using funds to promote her personal image during a special State of the City event days ago.

Mayor Mora gave a speech at City Hall to report on the achievements made during her seven month term as substitute mayor.

Mexican law sets the days elected officials can report on their achievements.

Mayor Mora left the office Thursday after Norma Bustamante took the oath of office in a City Hall ceremony. Mayor Bustamante is also under investigation by the City’s Comptroller’s office for alleged illegal expenditures of funds for the Wok Museum of Chinese food in downtown.

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