A complaint has been filed against Mexican government delegate Alejandro Ruiz before the National Human Rights Commission by an activist for violations of rights of immigrants.

The complaint is based on the lack of support by the Mexican government to local shelters, especially in terms of food.

Cobina shelter coordinator Altagracia Tamayo filed the complaint, according to media reports.

According to the activist, there is a lack of food in shelters to feed the increasingly arriving immigrants.

Although Ruiz has not responded to the complaint, the federal official noted Saturday during the International Migrant Day in social media, “the Government of Mexico recently, along with the US government had twisted the ‘Stay in Mexico’ program that provides additional resources, shelters, protection to vulnerable people, better conditions of security, health revisions and vaccine availability.”

Ruiz highlighted that the program also includes items to grant an appropriate stay for immigrants while respecting their rights.

Recently, two shelters observed their energy service cut although delegate Ruiz said electricity would not get suspended for lack of payment.

The city has already opened two shelters — one in the CREA complex in the Colonia Guajardo area (west of the Civic Center) and another one in the Colonia Mayos area.

These shelters are receiving mostly immigrants from Haiti, leaving many Central American immigrants without on their own, the activist said.

The authorities and activists expect over a thousand more immigrants arriving in the next few weeks.

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