A concert producing company has publicly spoken about anomalies allegedly occurring in recent rock band performances.

In a prepared statement Bulldog Productions said the company was not allowed to hold concerts of Mexican rock bands Caifanes and Zoe appropriately that put staff, artists and fans in risk.

According to the company Center of Fairs and Expositions did not respect the areas designated for artists.

Media outlets reported that Center staff presumably issues tickets for employees in VIP areas.

The company added that Bulldog Productions unsuccessfully attempted to solve issues.

In December a handgun was shot during a concert and the schedule of a vaccination clinic was cut in order to accommodate the operations of the Christmas Village.

Center director Omar Landa denied the allegations and added that all company requirements were complied with.

The city official explained that the company demanded turning off some lights, the blocking of sponsor banners and providing a list of center staff that were given wristbands to work.

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