seek for a unemployment insurance
Lawmakers with the National Action Party seek to create an unemployment insurance program in Mexico. COURTESY PHOTO

Congressmen with the conservative National Action Party said they plan to base their legislative agenda for this first ordinary period of the LXV Legislature on two priority axes — economic reactivation and health care, with the aim of counteracting the impact of the health crisis, derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We need to focus all our efforts on getting out of the terrible situation in which we are immersed and to which the Federal Government has not made contributions with the seriousness and importance that citizens require to be able to look towards a better horizon,” the congressmen said.

In economic matters, it will propose to grant unemployment insurance for 4,402 pesos or about $200 per month, for a specified time, so that people have a minimum income to be able to get ahead.

“The closure of businesses, the reduction of personnel in the companies and the lack of liquidity of these has left thousands of people unemployed, and it is one of the most serious employment crises in the history of Mexico. We need to support these people,” the document says.

It will also promote the creation of support for micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, since small businesses, or MSMEs, represent 99.8 percent of the economic units in the country.

Legislators plan to seek to establish fiscal incentives and pertinent reforms so that newly created MSMEs have a regulatory scheme that allows them to survive and grow.

Likewise, it will propose a new deduction scheme for individuals according to their income level and to make food consumption in restaurants 100 percent deductible, in order to encourage tourism to reactivate its economic dynamics and generate a mechanism for creating formal jobs.

In addition, reforms to expand the tax incorporation regime and that in the annual income from business activities there is the possibility of not paying sales tax and Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) when the income is 500 thousand pesos and not 300,000 peso, as well as making the criteria for access to loans granted by the government banks more flexible.

Given the increase in gasoline, it will propose to eliminate 100 per cent of the IEPS fees charged for the distribution and sale of gasoline.


In health matters and given the mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic, the PAN bench will propose the creation of a Health Emergency Fund that allows the purchase and distribution of vaccines, equipment, medicines and other health supplies.

The proposal also considers mechanisms aimed at guaranteeing the timely care of the population, in particular of workers who lost their source of employment, so that they have medical, maternity, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital care benefits, as well as granting to the MSMEs payment facilities for worker-employer fees.

The lawmakers seek to promote reforms to support and recognize health personnel during health emergencies, regulate the work risks to which they are subject, improve their material and salary conditions, such as life insurance, medical expenses insurance and a performance bonus for all health personnel who are attending the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among its projects, it also includes proposing a new drug purchase scheme to guarantee the effective supply, availability, accessibility and acceptability of drugs and other health supplies, in particular to address the most serious diseases, such as childhood cancer, since Mexico was unable to supply 47 percent of the medicines and health supplies.

The foregoing, through various mechanisms that ensure the opportunity to supply with quality and at the best prices, as well as transparency measures, supervision and, where appropriate, establish the patrimonial responsibility of the State or even criminal responsibility of officials, when there are acts of corruption and / or people’s lives are put at risk due to the lack of medicines or medical attention.

The integration of a Pandemic Management Investigation Commission is considered to define responsibilities in the matter.

The congressmen will also seek the return of Seguro Popular, or Mexico’s Medicare program, after considering that the establishment of the Health Institute for Wellbeing (Insabi) has left thousands of people uncertain about their health care.

“We propose to end the inoperative Insabi and reactivate the Seguro Popular as an organization, operation and financing scheme, through the expansion of the catalog of free services, agreements with the private Initiative for complex and high-cost interventions, in addition to guaranteeing the resources so that people without social security can enforce their right to health protection ”, the text underlines.

In addition, it will fight for the money to be increased to finance the most serious and costly diseases of the population without social security and that said money cannot be used for other purposes.

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