The Baja California State Police Federation demanded that the state support correctional officers during a protest that took place Monday at the facilities of the Mobility Institute in Tijuana.

The federation said in a statement the demonstration took place after having held several meetings with state authorities in order to seek social security benefits and labor rights for prison guards.

The federation noted that many of the state prison officers have lost their jobs due to repressive measures and attempts on their lives by previous administrations.

In addition, others have lost their lives in traffic accidents or in the line of duty as well as for their health and other reasons, leaving their families without any benefit.

The custodians have demanded to have the same rights that the police have when increasing the budget and granting training, technology, equipment and vehicle units to protect Baja California prisons.

“The same problem of insecurity that we live as citizens is experienced by us and our families when we go out to work and in our work,” the Federation said.

In response, the State Government affirmed that it had allocated 400 million pesos or about $20 million in order to equalize the salaries of all state police officers.

Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla accused the municipal governments of not having informed their police officers about the receipt of these resources.

On Tuesday, Secretary of the Treasury Adalberto González held a meeting with widows and relatives of deceased agents who have not received any support.

Secretary González said the state has transferred 130 million pesos to municipal governments that, due to the change of mayors, has affected the process of delivering resources to relatives of police officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

In order to obtain any benefits, police associations must sign agreements with municipalities to provide support to the widows of former officers,  the secretary said.

The state government enacted a new Security Law, through which various labor rights are granted to municipal and state agents of Baja California.

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