The Mexicali City Council failed by one vote approving a resolution that would have allowed turning city property to the new municipality of San Felipe.

The council was unable to reach the 12-vote threshold to turn San Felipe properties, archives and other items that still belong to Mexicali.

The council voted Monday for a resolution that seeks to comply with a decree that incorporates San Felipe.

The new city was legally born on Jan. 1.

However, the new city has not received Mexicali property for the last months.

City Councilwoman Victoria Guerrero, of the National Action Party, told La Voz newspaper that her vote against the proposal was due to the lack of transparency in the process.

Guerrero, along with four other opposition council members, voted no. A sixth Council member abstained from voting.

Although missing the 12-vote threshold, Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante mistakenly said the resolution was approved. She eventually corrected the error.

The mayor expressed her concerns regarding the vote given the incorporation was already enacted and a demand of San Felipe residents.

Past Mayor Guadalupe Mora criticized the incorporation due to lack of feasibility studies.

This time, opposition council members said the background documents missed including details about the properties to get turned to San Felipe.

Mayor Bustamante said the resolution was previously reviewed by several city agencies.

The City Council approved the resolution on Wednesday’s special meeting.

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