After voting along with the majority for the 2022 budget, National Action Party City Council Leader Oscar Vega was removed from his position. And not only the former gubernatorial candidate has been succeeded by fellow council member Victoria Guerrero, but could even face disciplinary actions from the state committee.

Mexicali Party Chairman Emmanuel Mendoza said the state committee could impose disciplinary action against Vega for being the only party’s vote for next year’s budget that includes tax raises.

The budget package includes increases to property taxes, a new street lighting fee and new business license fees of up to $850.

Mendoza said property tax could see a raise of up to 40 percent in some cases.

Overall, the city plans to more than double property tax collection from 750 million pesos to 1.8 billion pesos.

Mendoza recalled the street lighting fee has been declared twice as unconstitutional by Mexico’s Supreme Court.

Councilwoman Guerrero said this is not the proper time to raise taxes and increase costs to families.

Over the weekend, Councilman Vega said given the National Regeneration Movement Party’s decision to stop disbursing federal funds while getting rid of crime funds, the city council voted to increase local funds 6 percent for next year.

In his Facebook page Vega said new funds will be used to address crime, public works and public services.

Also, he said the city will provide tax discounts to those who need them. The budget project includes provisions to increase the number of residents who pay property taxes.

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