A member of the Mexicali City Council announced his departure from the conservative National Action Party.

Oscar Vega Marín, a 34-year party member, made public Thursday his departure from the party he led back in 2019 as candidate for governor.

The council member has had issues with colleagues and party leaders for voting for proposals made by Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante. Also, the council member has been seen in public events with the mayor since the administration began back in October.

After thanking the party for the opportunities, lessons learned and relationships at the national level, Vega Marín said he feels proud of being nominated for governor close to three years ago.

“Today, I served Mexicali residents as councilman,” Vega Marín wrote in a letter sent to state chairman Emanuel Mendoza. “I will keep working (as councilman) based on the legitimate platform and principles of (the National Action Party), but far from a partisan affiliation that today does not let me work for my city and state as citizens deserve.”

The council member was appointed leader of the party’s council caucus, but was eventually substituted after voting for a mayoral proposal. Chairman Mendoza previously said Vega Marín could be disciplined for violating council caucus agreements.

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