Mexicali City Council members with the opposition announced their plans to file a complaint against Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla for failing to turn hundreds of millions of peso in federal funds to the city.

National Action Party Councilman Oscar Vega said Gov. Bonilla will be accused of abuse of trust, diversion of funds and peculation.

The complaint will include Secretary of the Treasury Adalberto Gonzalez.

On Monday, Mayor Norma Bustamante requested Gov. Bonilla over 562 million peso or $28.1 million in federal funds that the state has failed to turn to the city.

Councilman Vega said the City’s Comptroller’s office will be asked to file a constitutional lawsuit for the issue.

Mayor Bustamante has been asked to call a special meeting to also address the issue and request the direct disbursement of federal funds straight to the city. So far the state has not responded to the allegations.

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