A Mexicali City Council member said a review of a 2019 law is expected to be made in order to comply with the minimum drink price provision.

Independent Council member Luis Manuel Martinez told La Voz newspaper that a follow-up is expected to the Law for the Sale, Warehousing and Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages.

The newspaper reported that no municipality complies with the law enacted in Feb. 2019.

The law mandates that the Municipal Consulting Council can propose an Annual Surveillance Plan that regulates prices of opened alcoholic beverages in order to avoid immoderate consumption and vehicle accidents.

Councilman Martinez told the newspaper that although the issue has been discussed with Alcohol Council members and business owners no policy has been set.

Every weekend, tourist area bars are filled with young adults who consume low cost alcohol until late. Some of those are Imperial Valley residents who spend the night on the other side of the border. According to the Council member the majority has frozen proposals turned within the city council.

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