Six Mexicali council members asked once again for a crime report.

In a press conference held Monday, the city council members asked for the report two months after the first request was made and five months after the start of Mayor Norma Bustamante’s administration.

Council members Victoria Guerrero, Rudecindo García, Luis Manuel Martínez and Edel de la Rosa said the Police Department has nothing to report about any developments against crime.

Councilmen colleagues Ysmael Rodríguez and Bárbara García also joined the request.

“I believe that (…) the situation has not changed,” Councilman Guerrero said. “People want immediate results like us.”

Councilman García said the Commission of Public Safety has not held a single meeting in five months. Mayor Bustamante said although she is not aware of the request the mayor’s office is open to proposals.

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