A man and a woman were sentenced to 35 and 25 years in prison, respectively, for the murder of a five-year-old boy whose body was found over two years ago.

The state Attorney General’s office said Jaime Gaytán Medina, aka “Fashions,” and his fiance, Blanca Zarahí Martínez Vázquez were sentenced for homicide and aggravated sexual assault.

The agency said prosecutors and defense attorneys reached an off-trial agreement through which the suspects admitted being guilty.

According to the agency, the victim, Abraham, was located dead on March 19, 2020, in a residence located in the Fraccionamiento Parajes de Oriente area.

The man was the boy’s stepfather while the woman was the kid’s mother.

Before the boy was found dead, the authorities activated an Amber Alert in order to request help from the community to find the victim.

The boy’s relatives reported the victim missing the day before.

The child was found dead in an abandoned home located close to the corner of Tepexcanal Avenue and Xolutla Street, close to the family’s residence.

Detectives discovered the victim was assaulted to death in the family’s home.

Gaytán Medina took the corpse to the abandoned home and reported the boy as missing. The autopsy showed the victim suffered from the so-called mistreated child syndrome. The boy’s body had signs of injuries and sexual assault.

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