A man who has been allegedly related to several robberies of money exchange businesses and customers was indicted by a state judge, who also decided to keep the suspect in prison, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Mexicali said.

At the court hearing of Edgar Eduardo, no age reported, prosecutors said on October 27, in Justo Sierra Avenue between República de Uruguay Avenue and República de Paraguay Avenue, the suspect and his accomplices tried to rob the driver of a gray Jeep Cherokee.

The attempted assault was frustrated because the victim, in fear of being attacked and deprived of money and cell phone, reversed his vehicle and started to run towards Justo Sierra and requested help from the municipal police.

The victim recognized the defendant as the person who approached his car’s window.

The victim told the police that the suspects brandished a firearm.

At the same time, the suspects demanded the victim cash and a smartphone.

Edgar Eduardo was stopped by police elements in Justo Sierra Avenue y Reforma Avenue after exiting a white 2010 Chevrolet Malibu.

The other two companions fled aboard the vehicle.

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office is in search of at least four other members of the gang dedicated to robbery in money exchange businesses and customers.


Man sentenced to 25 years in prison for 2019 murder

A judge sentenced to 25 years in prison Edgar Daniel Pantoja Becerra, aka “El Pantoja,” 25, who was accused of killing Diego Alexis López, the State Attorney General’s Office said.

The verdict was given through a court agreement.

The agency said the defendant accepted in the agreement his participation in the March 27, 2019 homicide at a home located at Argentina Avenue in the town of Estación Coahuila in the Mexicali Valley.

During the hearing, prosecutors said that on the day of the incident the convicted person and the victim were in a house, where they soon began to argue over a hundred-dollar bill.

Minutes later, Edgar injured Diego Alexis on the left side of the head — an injury that caused his death from head trauma.

The agency detailed that “El Pantoja” was detained by detectives on August 8, 2019, when they executed an arrest warrant for homicide.


Two arrested for attempted sexual abuse of teenager

Two men were apprehended by Mexicali police officers for allegedly attempting to commit sexual abuse of a teenage minor in a rural area hotel.

The suspects were identified as José Antonio, 29, and Marcos Adrián, 26.

The suspects were arrested after a report was made at 1 a.m. regarding a sexual abuse case occurred in Hotel San Angel, located by State Highway 1 in Ejido Oaxaca rural area.

Upon arrival, police officers were told by the 16-year-old victim that the suspects allegedly transported her to the hotel.

The victim said she just met the suspects moments before.

The minor said the suspects gave her alcohol.

Then, one of the individuals presumably touched her leg. The teenager then left the room and dialed the police.

The suspects were arrested and transported to a rural area police substation.


Alleged assailants arrested with guns, cop badges

Two individuals who allegedly robbed a pedestrian on Thursday were arrested at noon Friday in the González Ortega unincorporated area with weapons and police badges.

Mexicali Police said the arrest occurred at Ninth Street and Río Casas Grandes Norte Street.

The suspects were identified as Alberto, 26, and Arturo, 32.

The suspects were stopped by police while speeding in the wrong direction in a white Ford Ranger with California license plates.

The officers found among the individuals’ belongings two prop handguns, a private bodyguard badge and a badge of the Mexican Attorney General’s Office.

According to the authorities, the detainees are allegedly related to the robbery of a person that occurred on Thursday afternoon in Colonia 18 de Marzo.


Cadaver found in canal

The corpse of an individual was found Friday morning inside a canal in rural Mexicali.

According to police reports the incident was notified to the authorities at 11:46 a.m.

The body was located in a canal between Ejido Nuevo Delta and Ejido Pacífico rural towns.

Upon arrival, the police found the body close to a water gate.

According to police reports, a victim’s friend identified the man as Jesús Vallejo Gonzales, who was reported missing on Oct. 23.

The victim’s vehicle, being a 2000 white GMC Sierra, was found days ago inside a canal in Ejido Colima rural town.


Former official gets free bodyguards

At least two former state officials assigned themselves bodyguards for the next year with the costs incurred in paid for by the State of Baja California.

The decision was issued and signed by former Secretary of Government Amador Rodriguez, who assigned bodyguards to himself and former Penitentiary System Commissioner Jesus Nuñez Camacho.

The decision was published in the State’s Periodical on Oct. 27.

La Voz newspaper recalled that Nuñez Camacho was accused of asking businessmen money in exchange for government contracts.

Each official will have three bodyguards per shift paid for by the State. The document does not clarify if those shifts are eight or twelve hours.

The decision also includes the former officials’ wife and children.

Both Rodriguez and Nuñez Camacho will get a couple of vehicles each that include fuel and maintenance paid by the Penitentiary System.

The benefits were set for a year but could be extended if the officials’ security is at risk.

Rodriguez justified the bodyguards by saying his job as Chairman of the Penitentiary System is of high risk, especially as the prison system holds members of criminal bands whose assets and funds turn state officials vulnerable.

The state Department of Government announced the bodyguard, vehicle benefits were cancelled and police officers were returned to agency tasks.

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