Several Covid-19 cases had been detected in state and city offices, according to media reports.

City Spokesman Edgar Covarrubias told La Crónica newspaper that eight confirmed positive cases had been detected in the Tax Collector’s office and the Treasurer’s office.

Four more were detected days ago.

The employees with Covid-19 were quarantined and their co-workers had been tested to avoid an increase of cases.

La Voz newspaper reported that at least a case was detected in the third floor of the Assembly building.

Although the area was not closed the Legislature has strengthened protocols including use of face masks, antibacterial gel and providing proof of vaccination.

Also, the Assembly plans to reduce capacity during meetings and events organized by lawmakers.

On Wednesday, the Assembly held an event of recognition of senior residents.

The state Arts Council notified parents whose children take part of the Symphonic Orchestra several cases. Governor Marina Avila took the oath of office Sunday in a ceremony held in the center’s Auka Hall where children hold rehearsals.

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