Although the number of homicides declined by half during the first two months of the year compared to the same period of 2021, many other kinds of crimes observed an increase.

The Citizens Public Safety Committee of Baja California said three kidnappings have been reported so far in 2022, while in the first two months of last year that state has had two cases.

Meanwhile, extortion cases went up to 23 from 15, and vehicle theft cases did so to 2,105 from 1,747.

Also, thefts in public ways climbed from 1,544 to 1,862.

Overall, crime incidents reported to the state increased 1 percent, as other crimes like home burglaries, business thefts and robberies and especially homicides observed a decline.

The state Attorney General’s office reported that homicides went down 28 percent from 606 to 435. The Commission’s report was based on Attorney General’s office data.

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