Starting next month date producers will hold at least 10 events in order to promote date consumption among residents.

The so-called Date Route 2021 will take place in several date producing ranches, La Crónica newspaper reported.

Edgar Ramirez, whose family has produced dates, told the newspaper consumption in Mexico has not been significant.

Producer Omar Escudero said promoting date consumption will help tourism to the rural area.

The route includes Date Fests in Mexicali and San Luis Rio Colorado where producers plan to offer liquor, beer, stuffed dates and ceviche.

Also, producers plan to show the new Cachanilla date variety that was created.

Agronomy engineer Quirino Angulo said the new variety is similar to the Medjool variety, but was raised in creole plants of rural Mexicali.

The route ends Dec. 4 with an expo in Mexicali Vicente Guerrero Park.

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