State lawmakers addressed a proposal to provide menstruating women a day off due to the issues caused to females during some days every month.

Lawmakers held a hearing previous to the May 28 Day of Menstruation Management.

Assemblywoman Liliana Michel Sánchez said this is the third bill introduced to address issues related to menstruation.

“We are building basic elements from our local legal frame to generate public policy from our institutions,” Sánchez said.

Institute of Women Acting Director Karla Pedrín said the authorities must keep working for respect for women.

“We must change paradigms not just to protect (women’s) physical condition, but the respect of human rights,” Pedrín said. “We will signify menstruation.”

Assembly Speaker Julia Andrea Gonzalez said the authorities must recognize that besides providing menstruation supplies to students the state has also admitted there are painful days.

A UNICEF and U-Report Mexico poll says 88 percent of women lack menstruation supplies, while 60 percent had to miss classes due to pain. Some other 16 percent were afraid of smudging their clothes. Center for Women Justice director Maria Bautista said legislation proposed to protect women during menstruation should include provisions to give a paid day off for women with painful cramps that led to a certain degree of incapacitation.

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