Domestic violence reports made to the emergency center in Mexicali have been declining over the last years, according to state reports.

The state Department of Public Safety said the decrease was more significant in February.

Statistics of the Emergency Center say 2,076 reports were made in February, above the 2,312 reports of February 2021.

The agency said the areas of Angeles de Puebla and Parajes de Puebla in southeastern Mexicali, as well as the rural area of Guadalupe Victoria reported more cases.

The agency said the figures allowed the state to develop strategies to address the issue. Those strategies included police training and the launching of a special law enforcement unit.

According to the report, in about 11 percent of cases the victims were men. Also, the cases are reported mostly during the weekends. Also, the Department has delivered 128 panic buttons to businesses and neighborhoods that allow users to immediately connect and report any crimes to the police.

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