Dozens of Mexicali residents marched Sunday in the Civic Center to demand peace for their families.

The march started at 9 a.m. from the Vicente Guerrero monument and finished at City Hall.

Resident Ana Lorena Moreno said the march sought to call the authorities in demand to get heard.

“We know there are public servants who have a vocation and do their job right, but lack the needed resources”, Moreno told La Voz newspaper.

Groups of relatives of disappeared residents took banners with Governor Marina Avila’s mug to demand her support.

Soraya Ana Villarreal, mother of Kevin Moreno, who was reported missing in March, asked the authorities to work against crime for the wellbeing of the state.

“Every single day we see new cases — people found in blankets, burned bodies, residents shot to death all over the city and the state,” Villarreal told the newspaper. “It is not possible to say security is improving while the reality is different.”

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